Monday, December 8, 2008

the two twins

i think the two twins are evil, i simply went over twin b's house to watch the eagles game, which they won..again, which makes me think my black jersy that is newly purchased is good luck, see i purchased it for the blackout game i went to on thanksgiving in which i got so intoxicated i made some dude dance to the county music that was playing in my suvi (4runner) on the way out of the parking lot, which i normally tail gate in jethro, and when i say jetro i think of the jetsons and the dog that say jetro george, and i didnt even remember any of this until heatha tells me the next day, i was pretty much out of control, so i havent washed that jerz yet and i wore it again last night and the eagles won again! so i have concluded that its def my jerz that is good luck, so i plan on not washing it again and see it the win next week when we play cleavland. so im over at twin b's with twin e, ct and bfe, were all having a good time, drinkin beer enjoying the game, then evil twin b, busts out the wine that i brought over, which was from chadds ford winery, which is so amazing and delishious! we proceed to drink it and twin b and i get so slammed drunk that we end up passing out at 630pm...yes 630pm and i told some girl how much of a piece of shit her xtera is, and i know this because i used to have one!


QT2 said...

Let's not forget about Bird-Shit throwing up in the trees!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I am not the evil one, you are because you brought 3 bottles of wine!!! I blame you LOL I like your loud ass drunk whisper "her car really is a piece of shit though" like she wouldn't be able to hear you!

John said...